Let’s turn the page and enjoy the ride

It has been, and still is, a fabulous summer. Honestly it might be the best summer in ages. New city, new boyfriend, new acquaintances, new job and definitely, new experiences. Been to Gothenburg, Varberg, Örebro and Finland so far. Witnessed myself, and lived to see, real intoxication when I fell a sleep in an elevator, showing the world my underwear. Try to forget? Unfortunately there is picture proof, and when you get to know what might be the worst hang over ever and get to see what you look like when you have had too much to drink, it is fortunate that you decide never to drink more alcohol than you can handle – ever again. Cause that is the thing, when I am sober I am 32 going on 33, when I am shop drunk I might be in my early twenties which is fine. When I am very drunk though I am a laborious teen and when I am totally wasted I am definitely a child – almost an infant. Since I don’t want to relive my teenage, nor my childhood, it was kind of an easy decision. From now on it is a new era, from now on I will not be younger than 21 ever again. Let’s turn the page and start a new chapter.

Met a gladiator and started to work out with her and suddenly was able to observe my body changing, getting tiny muscles inch by inch. Very tiny, yes, but still. Love the fact that I once again enjoy going to the gym. Through Nordic Wellness I also have gotten to know wonderful people, for example the DJ that totally impress me every time I hear her play. I love listening to her, working my body like crazy on the dance floor, and a couple of weeks ago she dedicated me the song that means the most to me right now. I could not have been more happy then and there, nor felt more honored and grateful. Not just because she is so great at what she does, but also because she is my friend. A very good friend. I just have to tell the world – do a Google search on Thea Bronx, a DJ that will rock your world, now and clearly in the future. Attend her gigs and enjoy the ride.

I also did something that I should have done ages ago. Honestly I have tried, but fate has not been a friend of mine concerning this matter. Not until now. Cause it is time for be to discover my roots, time to experience and discover Sri Lanka. Everything is actually already booked and paid for, even though we are not leaving until December. And I will be traveling with my boyfriend. That might seem strange to some people I guess, especially since we have only been dating since April, but it feels right. Almost more than right, and I love the fact that I will get to appreciate Sri Lanka with him. Can’t really imagine a better travel companion.

What can I say, Stockholm delivers time after time, and I do not regret moving for one second. So once again, why not turn the page and enjoy the ride. Forever and ever.

Reload – Varberg 2013

Once again it was time, week 29 only means one thing to me – Varberg with the girls. Sun, experiences, a lot of alcohol and plenty new acquaintances, that are the only things that we focus on during this event. Crazy, stupid and drunk, but fun always with some kind of twist.

This time we were 11 girls, a total mix of females that were so different but still so very much alike. Tall, petite, blond, brunettes, we all got together for the same reason – traveling from all parts of Sweden – just to have a great time, creating memories together. Unfortunately, for the ones who did not join, what happens in Varberg, stays in Varberg. Always.

Still, I usually share some teasers for all you curious people out there, or at least some kind of cliff notes. And of course this year included lots of craziness and hours on the dance floor, but also pre parties, some kind of after parties (?) trying to break in to a pool area, lots of kebab and funny comments mixed with fireball. Or maybe all the funny comments were a result of having to many shots of fireball, I can’t really say. But anyhow, a lot of moments led to memories for life and a lot of laughter. One girl got to dance on stage to Reload, her favorite song, another girl talked to all men she could find wearing strange vests out of denim, and believe me, they were quite a few. Someone offered golden showers, another got to lick a bartenders cheek. Two girls had different nationalities for one night and a short period of time a dress became a skirt… Short and sweet, once again we had a blast, friendships have been made and even though I wasn’t really able to eat breakfast this morning, it was totally worth it. Reload, looking forward to do this all over agiain. But fortunately not until next year.

The only thing that I have to remember next year is to look the up the public transportations. Yesterday there was a reconstruction between Mölndal and Gothenburg which meant that we had to switch from train to bus. Not recommended when you feel like a bag of manure, smell like mould and have a hard time breathing without throwing up. Especially when the bus doesn’t have any air condition and it is 25 degrees outside which means that it is like 35 in the bus since it has been parked in the sun. That is probably not the perfect situation for anyone, but especielly not for someone who is tired and/or hung over. I thank God that I got to keep the small pieces of melon that I had for breakfast.

Finally, we reached Gothenburg and it was xoxo ftw before all different departures. Laughter, adding each other on Facebook, promising to talk again soon. Reunion, phone calls, of course it will happen, probably not as often as we would like though, but it doesn’t matter. It will happen, it always does. Today is Monday and back to reality in one way or another for all of us. But time flies. Happily that means that spring and summer will be around the corner once again and that Varberg 2014 isn’t too far away.

Until then, time to reload 😉

Crap – very much crap!

The past two moths have been hectic, weird and fun at the same time and I have to say that my life has been turned upside down more than once. Almost everyone at my job were let go even though we have work 24-7. I wasn’t too surprised since I had seen it coming, but still. Crap. And even though I didn’t want to, I met someone and am now starting to realize that I might like him. Crap again.

During the summertime I really suck at updating my blog. Since I live in Sweden I can’t blame the weather cause it usually sucks, I just have to admit to the fact that even though writing is my kind of therapy, spare time and days off makes me weak. Crap once more. Sometimes I get the feeling that I need to write, need to blow my mind and straight out all the thoughts in my head that makes a mess, but still I don’t since there are some many other fun things to do. Not really crap, but anyhow. Cause I have to say, especially now. Stockholm has really been showing off lately. Crap if you want me to move back to Gothenburg.

I was worried about loosing my job for real, but today is the day. The day that I have been dreaded and bevelled for quite some time. Today, one year ago I attended my mother’s funeral. But today is also the 4th of July, a day that the American part of me has been celebrating with friends and family for I don’t know how long. One year ago I cried my eyes out while watching my father kneeling next to the casket. One year ago I got drunk with one of my best friends, leaving the funeral as early as I could, and I will always be so very grateful for her company that day. One year ago I was totally buzzed and late for a dinner party that I had arranged and ran in to a colleague at Kungsportsplatsen. Stupid, sad and definitely not sober I just pinched his butt and ran by screaming HELLO, a fatal incident I would find out the day after at the office. Apparently he had been accompanied by his jealous girlfriend who totally had a fit behind my back because of me touching (?) his ass and broke up with him. Very much crap and anxiety, that was my life 364 days ago.

Anyhow, one year ago I was very drunk but still attended a dinner party that I had arranged myself. The purpose was to forget about the funeral and remember the 4th of July, and I think I did. Forget that is, actually I do not remember much from that evening, not only because of all the alcohol but also because of the fact that I was broken. Crushed. And even though I was I a room full of people that I love, people that turned up at that restaurant just because of me, I have never felt more alone. Can’t get more crappy that that.

A lot of things have happened since then, in only one year. I have been working from Dubai, Singapore, Australia and South Africa. I have made some new acquaintances that have come to enlighten my life and thanks to all my friends, old and new ones, I made it through. (Thank you, you know who you are.) I have moved to Stockholm, tried a city that I thought that I didn’t like but that was not right, it has proven me wrong. I have played around like a crazy person just cause I could, the SATC way of living, until I actually met someone special, not wanting to admit that he was special but then finally realizing that he actually might be. And today I was offered a new job, a new position that probably will suit me perfectly. Suddenly there is no more crap, I can see the light in the tunnel and I can actually say that even though one year isn’t a long period of time it might be enough.

Today I have decided not to mourn, instead I celebrate the fact that everything finally worked out fine and that I from now on hopefully have the brains, the guts and enough heart to avoid crap.